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"I sought out Courtney for help with motivating me to build my business.  She is very empathetic, kind and aware of exactly what I needed. After our hypnotherapy session, I felt energized, happy, joyful. Now I am looking forward to announcing my new business with mailing, emails, personal contacts. This part of business promotions for me will be easy and fun! Thank you, Courtney!  You are an awesome hypnotherapist.  This is the real deal!"

- Rosemary P.

"I have known Luke and Courtney for years. I have been taking Luke’s yoga class for six years, always challenging and calming after a long day. I have also been going to Luke for Tai Yoga Body work for four years and definitely feel a difference in how my body feels afterward. Especially the way his treatments help me sleep more soundly through the night. I am so grateful to have Luke and Courtney in my life & I highly recommend trying their yoga classes & bodywork treatments."

- Ellen L.

For years, I was trudging through the cold and darkness, living in the shadows. Courtney Miller showed me how to step out of that darkness and back into to the sunlight and that eventually, the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom again. It all starts with you though. It starts with forgiving yourself and loving yourself. With who you are and who you are becoming. Courtney Miller helped guide me on the path that is right for me, so I can stay away from the shadows and stay in the warmth of sun and stop and enjoy the sight and smell of the blooming flowers. 
I have PTSD and suffer from flashbacks from that day when my life completely changed. Courtney’s Hypnotherapy services coupled with her incredible aromatherapy products have significantly assisted with my flashbacks and panic attacks decreasing drastically. 

I can honestly say that what I went through is something that just about no one else on this entire planet has gone through. There was no “playbook” on how to cope with my situation. Courtney helped me find love within myself again and happiness in life again. She helped me want to get out of bed again and go outside and enjoy my life again! I cannot recommend this amazing woman’s hypnotherapy, reflexology, and coaching services enough! 

- Zach S.

"Courtney Miller is a powerful and compassionate Hypnotherapist. Working with her was everything I expected and more. Even through zoom, I could feel her presence and her desire to see me heal. I recommend her services to anyone looking for a transformation."

- Frederico V.

I contacted Courtney about overcoming anxiety issues that were affecting my sleep and were also causing me to turn to unhealthy habits that temporarily alleviated my anxiety, but were not long term solutions.  I wanted to avoid medication and improve my overall health and well-being.


Initially, I met with Courtney 1-2x week to jump start my hypnotherapy and her comprehensive wellness treatments.  From the beginning, in addition to my hypnotherapy sessions which varied in length from 60 min to 90 min. Courtney provided me with tools to aid me in between sessions and throughout my treatment.  She encouraged me to focus on daily affirmation and to use a journal to document my struggles.  She also stressed the importance of inspirational resources and recommended several apps to assist me in relaxation and self-affirmation. Courtney kindly offered gentle reminders and daily check-ins to remind me of my goals and my desire to improve my overall health and well-being--physically, mentally and spiritually.  


Courtney is an experienced hypnotherapist and is very much in tune with her clients' needs and their unique circumstances and challenges.  I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone who would like to improve their overall health and well-being.  

- Louise H.

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