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About Us

Luke and Courtney have been married over 20 years, together over 25 and have 4 college students, 3 of whom are triplets. They especially enjoy working with couples seeking greater depth in their relationships, specifically couples who have not been able to find hope & healing through conventional talk therapy. Having been through their own relationaship struggles, they empathize with couples and are fully aware of how easy it is to get caught up in the "crazy cycle" of life together.


Utilizing hypnotherapy, breathwork, partner yoga, and embodiment practices, couples develop greater awareness, stay present, self-regulate their emotions & behaviors, find balance, feel connected and learn to love themselves and each other authentically from a place of honesty and trust. 

When conducting a hypnotherapy session, Courtney focuses on the client's perspective. An alliance between therapist and client is in finding the truth. This truth is healing. Whether it is helping a client with their relationship struggles, getting over procrastination, helping them regain self-confidence, or empowering an entrepreneur to build a successful business, we work together to remove blocks. It is common that along this path, we may unravel a story that leads to a deeper level in need of healing. We identify the issue and, subsequently, create a plan to resolve the problem.


Understanding first hand the emotional, physical, and spiritual anguish around starting a family, having dealt with infertility issues, Courtney offers compassionate childbirth preparation services.  These include natural labor induction to moms and couples welcoming in their newest additions. Courtney and Luke mentor expectant couples with breathwork, partner yoga poses, stretches, and pressure points.  Hypnobirthing techniques are used in conjunction with Reflexology and essential oils increasing relaxation to help moms feel physical, mentally, and spiritually prepared by reducing their awareness of fear, stress, and pain before and during childbirth.  

Courtney and Luke have been studying and training in many modalities since 2005.  Courtney first received her Reflexology and Aromatherapy certification in 2005, followed by a 200-hour yoga certification from Yama Studio. In 2007 both Courtney and Luke trained in Thai Yoga Bodywork from the Vedic Conservatory and in 2020 Courtney studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York receiving her coaching certification in Nutrition and Health.


Courtney received her 400 hours of education from state-authorized hypnotherapy instructors, physicians, and researchers published on She studied at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America and is trained in Integral Hypnotherapy. 

Both Courtney and Luke offer almost two decades of experience offering holisic health services.  They look forward to working with anyone seeking a healtier and happy life. It is possible! 

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