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These essential oil air fresheners replace synthetic fragrance fresheners by diffusing natural aromas into your home, office or car. We offer beautiful handmade pendant designs including rainbows & himalayan salt/crystal pendants. Just hang your freshener wherever you'd like, place a few drops of your favorite oil on the wooden beads, and let the natural aromas fill your space!

Air Fresheners

SKU: 364215375135191
  • *Product does not come with essential oil/s - must be purchased separately

    *Color is selected randomly unless specifically requested (we cannot guarantee your request will be met, but we will honor all preferences to the best of our ability)

    Product Sizing:

    Rainbows - 13.7 in. x 3.3 in. x 3.9 in.

    Himalayan Salt Crystals - 11.8/12 in. x 1.2-1.6 in. diameter

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